Title Services

As an essential document in the home-buying process, the property title legally secures your rights as the owner of the property. Professional title services will ensure that the title includes the expected information from the seller, then coordinate paperwork to transfer those rights in the sale. In the closing of a real estate sale, professional title services can provide many far-reaching benefits. 

What Is a Property Title?

A title is a legal document that designates a specific right to an individual. In the case of real estate, a property title details the property being purchased and the property ownership. 

A title search is an important step in the home-buying process, as it guarantees that the title information won’t cause complications with the sale. It officially states the current owner of the property and the right of that owner to use the property. When you legally purchase the property, those rights will become your own. 

How Property Buyers Benefit from Title Services

Firms that provide title services are important to the official closing of a real estate sale. They work with the seller, buyer, mortgage lender, and insurance company to coordinate legal documents, distribute insurance, and help all parties reach a close. 

Title firms also frequently act as the closing agents for property sales. They’ll organize all of the closing paperwork and ensure that all of the required legal steps have been taken to make the sale. These services will speed up the entire closing process.

Clear Title Partners in Tampa

Clear Title Partners, a leading title firm based in Tampa, Florida, offers comprehensive title services. Offering expertise in real estate law, real estate development, private financing, and brokerage operations alike, Clear Title Partners has the skills to secure a stable and efficient closing process. The firm offers on-staff attorneys and title underwriters for closing, escrow, title insurance, recording, and refinancing needs for both residential and commercial properties. 

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