Three Reasons Tampa Heights Is Back in Favor

Three Reasons Tampa Heights Is Back in Favor

No neighborhood in Tampa is growing quite like Tampa Heights. Located only one mile north of downtown Tampa, Tampa Heights has previously been considered a rough neighborhood that most people wouldn’t live in, but that seems to be changing as more professionals move into the area. Housing prices have soared by 64 percent, crime has dropped dramatically by 64-75 percent, and convenience seems to be the theme. Here are the top reasons that Tampa Heights is back in favor.


People who have lived in the suburbs of Tampa are starting to move into the more urban areas simply due to convenience. Living in Tampa Heights means that you can walk to most of the shopping and restaurants that people usually come to Tampa to experience. You’ll also likely have a shorter commute to and from work, and you will have less stress due to extra driving.

Crime Is Down

The biggest complaint that kept people out of Tampa Heights was its crime rate. The neighborhood has long been considered one of the roughest in the Tampa area, but all of that has changed in the last couple of years. Burglaries are down 64 percent, robberies are down 74 percent, and auto burglaries are down 37 percent. There are also fewer violent crimes.

Speculation and Development

There has been a lot of speculation and potential plans for development in Tampa Heights. This speculation is what is bringing up house prices and changing the type of person who wants to live in the neighborhood. While this speculation and development may mean bad news to current residents who could get pushed out by costs, it only means good things for people purchasing property there now.

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