The Importance of Staging

Staging your home helps buyers picture themselves in the home.  They can understand where their furniture can fit, how the flow of the home works and where they would sit in the mornings to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.

One key to home staging is to declutter.  Take out all the excess that quickly accumulates in day-to-day life.  Clear off counters, organize bookcases, empty trash cans, and throw out those dead or dying plants.

This is a good chance to donate all those extra clothes and knick knacks, and doing so will actually make your move that much easier.

Also, put away some of your personal effects. You want buyers to be able to picture themselves in the home.  A room filled with family pictures and special mementos can make that difficult.

Lastly, clean thoroughly inside and outside and take care of all those little projects you’ve been putting off.  Spruce up your flower beds, replace the broken handle on the on oven…all those little things you’ve barely noticed over the years.

Ironically, once your house is so nice that you’re wondering why you want to move, it’s ready to put on the market!

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