South Tampa Sellers Wanted!

South Tampa Sellers Wanted!

Q. Why are you looking for people to sell their homes in S. Tampa? What is happening with the market?
A. South Tampa is a peninsula and thus there is a finite amount of space. There is just no urban sprawl available. People keep wanting to move here but the amount of built homes remains relatively the same. There is just such a high demand and little inventory on the market.

Q. What kinds of homes are people looking for?
A. Most people want to be in the plant high school district and in a quality built, aesthetically updated home on a street with other appealing homes.

Q. Where exactly are they looking?
A. In my experience the most popular neighborhoods are New Suburb Beautiful, Beach Park, Parkland Estates and Bayshore Beautiful.

Q. How do I know if my home is a good option to sell?
A. If the floor plan is functional, the home is in a good location and has been recently updated and/or well maintained it is a good option.

Q. Putting my home up for sale seems like a huge task. How do I get it ready?
A. Let the 360 Realty team take charge. I always come through and make a list of suggestions. People are free to choose all, some or nothing. We have a handyman, stager, landscaper and amazing photographer that can do everything for you. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can get a home inspection and be proactive about the items that come up so that you insure all buyers the home is problem free.

Q. Can you help me or make it easy to get our home ready?
A. Absolutely! I firmly believe that one should take all the time and effort necessary to make the home as perfect as possible prior to listing.

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