Moving? Make sure you do these 6 things!

Moving? Make sure you do these 6 things!

Trust us, moving isn’t easy! But with these tips we can save you from a lot of headaches and stress.

1. Evict any little creatures taking up residency
You might not have any, and if so you are lucky! But you need to check so you can kick them out from the get go. Depending on how bad of a critter problem you have, you may have to call an exterminator. If the creatures are smaller,you can probably battle them yourself by getting some traps.

2. Take a look at your main water valve and circuit breaker
Knowing how to operate both of these will be vital for your safety, repairs, and several other things.

For your circuit breaker, you want to be sure that all your switches are labeled and that you know which switch controls a certain area of your home. This will be helpful if you need to do any rewiring and don’t want to get electrocuted!

Your main water valve could be inside your house or outside, but you want to be sure you know where it is and how to use it. Some instances where you might want to turn your water valve off: when a large storm is coming, you’re going out of town, a pipe is leaking, or other emergencies. By turning the valve off you will be cutting all water flow off into your home.

3. Check for leaky pipes
It wouldn’t be any fun to be all unpacked in your new home only to find out there are leaks in the plumbing. Check this before you start moving everything in. The inspector usually does this before you close, but double-check for yourself as well.

Here’s an easy way to find out if you have a leaky pipe: Make sure no water is being used in your house. Take a look at the reading on your water meter, wait two hours and see what the meter reads now. If the readings are different, it’s likely you have a leak.

4. Clean the carpets
When we mean clean, we mean a deep clean, AKA steam clean. You will be so happy you did this because it will make your entire house feel more fresh. You’ll want to do this before you move any of your furniture in.

5. Get the cabinets clean
Don’t trust the cabinets to be clean before you move in. Go through every room and wipe out the inside of all the cabinets with a cleaner and add some contact paper if you like. Make sure you pay extra special attention when cleaning those kitchen cabinets since the dishes you’ll be eating off of will be in them.

6. You need new locks
You don’t know who else has the keys to your home. Make yourself and your loved ones feel more secure about your safety by switching out the old locks for some new ones. This way you ensure you know who can access your home.

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