Benefits of a Seller’s Market

If you are currently planning on selling your home, you’re likely keeping tabs on the real estate market. The market fluctuates mainly based on supply and demand. So, when the demand in real estate is higher than the supply, it is considered a seller’s market. There are several benefits of a seller’s market, including:

More Offers To Consider

One of the key benefits of a seller’s market is a higher number of offers. Since there are more buyers than sellers, homes on the market will receive more offers. This gives sellers the ability to carefully look at each offer and choose to work with the most ideal Buyer for the sale of their home. In this type of market, sellers don’t have to compromise and may not even need to negotiate to get their house sold. Additionally, buyers are often more motivated to get pre-approved for a mortgage or complete their pre-underwriting from a lender before putting in an offer, giving sellers stronger offers to consider. Another bonus is if the Buyer’s lender offers an appraisal waiver. This could mean certain contingencies could be waived, allowing for a more seamless and faster closing for both Buyer and Seller. (more…)

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Essential Tips To Prep Your House to Sell for the Most Money

If you’re about to put your home on the market, you undoubtedly want the best chance of scoring a high offer from a buyer. Getting the most money for your property, however, requires a significant amount of prep work. Trust us, you’ll be glad that you put in the effort to make your real estate sale one for the books. 

Here are our top tips for preparing your home to sell for the highest possible amount:

Do Your Research. 

Before putting your home on the market, we recommend researching the housing market in your area. Look at similar properties in your neighborhood and their selling prices to get a sense of what you can ask for your own house.  (more…)

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Essential Curb Appeal Tips for Sellers

Tampa’s listings and sales have been in full swing this month. Today, we’ll offer some curb appeal tips that can sell your home faster if you’re considering listing your home soon. 

Curb Appeal 101

It’s no secret that making a good first impression is very important. There are hundreds of homes to look at online. Which ones will a buyer click on? 

Once a buyer thumbs through the list and dives deeper into the pictures of the homes that look stunning on the outside, they might make a list of houses that they want to see with their agent. 

The chances are that the ones they’ll decide to visit are the homes that wowed them with immaculate yards, beautiful landscaping, and updated exterior features. 

So how can you make sure that your home stands out above the rest?


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Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

You may have noticed that there really aren’t any homes selling right now. With the coronavirus pandemic, people are being discouraged from leaving their homes or traveling. That can make moving difficult or impossible. If you are wanting to sell your home, you’re better off waiting to list it.

You can still do things to further your progress in preparing for a fast home sale. Since you are stuck at home anyway, you should have plenty of time to handle these tasks. If you prepare your home for a quick sale now, you will be ready to list it when the all clear sounds. That will help you get your home sold even faster. Here’s what should be on your task list.

Clean Everything

You should clean every single inch of your house. Dust everything, including the ceilings and corners. If your home is a mess, the people viewing it will have a hard time envisioning themselves living there. Keeping things spotless will also make the home seem more appealing in general.


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