What To Look For at an Open House?

When you’re in the market for a new home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the details involved. Though open houses can be exciting and fun for prospective homeowners, it’s important to pay close attention to all of the crucial information being presented.

Not sure how to go about your next open house visit in order to get the most well-rounded experience possible? Here are some of our top suggestions regarding what you should pay specific attention to at your next open house.

Quality of location

The first step to a successful open house visit occurs before you even arrive. Look up the home’s address on an online location service such as Google Maps and take note of what’s around. Are there schools nearby? How close is the home to a busy thoroughfare? What kind of amenities could you expect within walking or quick driving distance? You can learn a lot about the neighborhood even before you tour the home. We also suggest taking a drive around the neighborhood and community to further familiarize yourself with the surrounding area. (more…)

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Down Payment Assistance Options

A home is a major investment that requires extensive financial planning. One aspect of the home-buying process is making a down payment. With down payment assistance programs, homebuyers don’t need to make a down payment of 20% of the home purchase price to buy a home. These assistance options can make purchasing a home financially attainable for many people in Tampa. 

If you’re a potential homebuyer in Tampa, understanding the down payment assistance options that are available to you can help you cover the cost of a new home. Read on to learn more! (more…)

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Growing Family? Look for These Features in Your New Home

A couple just starting out these days usually starts with an apartment. But as soon as you are expecting your first child, all of that will change. You’ll start thinking about tire swings and lazy afternoons on the lawn, and you’ll start wanting your first home.

It’s easy to think as a small family you only need a small home, but why not put down more permanent roots? Even if you decide to only stay in one place for the average 10 to 15 years, your family is going to grow and change during that time. If you find a neighborhood and home you love, it is important that the home be adaptable to your needs. 


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Move to One of These Tampa Area Neighborhoods to Shorten Your Commute

Are you tired of driving into the city every day for work? You may want to consider moving to a Tampa neighborhood closer to your employment and the amenities the city has to offer. There are several neighborhoods that are quiet and relaxing while still being in the bustle of the city, so you can have an easy commute to work and elsewhere.  Here are the best up-and-coming neighborhoods for shortening your commute.

Port Tampa

Port Tampa is at the southern tip of the Tampa downtown area. This neighborhood is closer to the waterfront but still offers easy access to the downtown business district. Port Tampa also boasts some activities like the waterfront park Picnic Island Beach that offer great ways to relax right in the middle of the city.


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What You Need to Know About Buying a House in Tampa in the Middle of COVID

Most people have been reluctant to participate in many activities since the pandemic hit full swing, with executive orders on both the state and federal levels. However, when you need to move due to a job or just need more space these days, many are choosing to make a move.

With interest rates still at record lows, and all of us having to spend more time at home.  It makes sense to spend your money where you spend the most time.  It can be done safely if you follow proper guidelines:

Wearing masks.

Even though there is no Florida or federal legal requirement to wear one, masks are legally mandated in public places in Tampa. They are also recommended by the Florida Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization, as well as most other health officials. 


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New vs Pre-Existing Homes: Which Should You Buy?

When it’s time to buy a house, it’s easy to become intimidated by listing prices. The average price of a home in Hillsborough County is $270,000 with Tampa being one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.  While you might want a new home for energy efficiency and tech capabilities, it might not be a realistic purchase for your family. Here is what you need to consider before making a decision between a new or pre existing home.

Cost to move in

Of course, a brand new home is going to cost more than an existing home of equal square footage. The older the home and the more remodeling needed the less it will cost. But there are other costs to consider before you actually move in, such as renovations or repairs. A pre-existing home may also come with extras such as window treatments, ceiling fans and appliances. Consider the full cost to move in before you make a decision.


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How to Make Sure You Are Not the Victim of Real Estate Listing Scams

It happens far too often. You find a home you want to buy, you contact the “seller,” and you arrange to look at the house. Maybe you put in an offer. Maybe you even pay a down payment. And then suddenly the seller disappears, and you discover the home wasn’t theirs to sell in the first place.

These real estate scams are becoming more and more prevalent, especially with the increase in for sale by owner homes. There are some ways that you can protect yourself from real estate scams.

Pay Nothing to See a Property

You shouldn’t have to pay anything to see a property for sale. If someone is requiring you to send them money to confirm your appointment to look at the property, this is a huge sign that you are being scammed. In these situations the money is usually sent to the “seller,” who then takes the money and runs, with no one at the property when you arrive.


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