Essential Tips To Prep Your House to Sell for the Most Money

If you’re about to put your home on the market, you undoubtedly want the best chance of scoring a high offer from a buyer. Getting the most money for your property, however, requires a significant amount of prep work. Trust us, you’ll be glad that you put in the effort to make your real estate sale one for the books. 

Here are our top tips for preparing your home to sell for the highest possible amount:

Do Your Research. 

Before putting your home on the market, we recommend researching the housing market in your area. Look at similar properties in your neighborhood and their selling prices to get a sense of what you can ask for your own house.  (more…)

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Essential Curb Appeal Tips for Sellers

Tampa’s listings and sales have been in full swing this month. Today, we’ll offer some curb appeal tips that can sell your home faster if you’re considering listing your home soon. 

Curb Appeal 101

It’s no secret that making a good first impression is very important. There are hundreds of homes to look at online. Which ones will a buyer click on? 

Once a buyer thumbs through the list and dives deeper into the pictures of the homes that look stunning on the outside, they might make a list of houses that they want to see with their agent. 

The chances are that the ones they’ll decide to visit are the homes that wowed them with immaculate yards, beautiful landscaping, and updated exterior features. 

So how can you make sure that your home stands out above the rest?


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What To Look For at an Open House?

When you’re in the market for a new home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the details involved. Though open houses can be exciting and fun for prospective homeowners, it’s important to pay close attention to all of the crucial information being presented.

Not sure how to go about your next open house visit in order to get the most well-rounded experience possible? Here are some of our top suggestions regarding what you should pay specific attention to at your next open house.

Quality of location

The first step to a successful open house visit occurs before you even arrive. Look up the home’s address on an online location service such as Google Maps and take note of what’s around. Are there schools nearby? How close is the home to a busy thoroughfare? What kind of amenities could you expect within walking or quick driving distance? You can learn a lot about the neighborhood even before you tour the home. We also suggest taking a drive around the neighborhood and community to further familiarize yourself with the surrounding area. (more…)

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How To Declutter Your Home

It’s spring, and that means many of us are looking to clean and refresh our homes. One of the main problems that homeowners often tackle in the spring is clutter. Clutter throughout your home can cause disorganization and can even make your home appear chaotic. So by decluttering, you can make your home a calmer, more relaxing place to spend time. Additionally, if you’re looking to move sometime soon, decluttering will streamline the moving process so that you can arrive in your new home faster. 

If you want to declutter your home but aren’t quite sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve compiled our best tips for decluttering the most important rooms in your home. (more…)

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Why You Need a Home Inspection When Buying a Home

If you’re in the process of buying a home, getting a home inspection is an essential step to take before sealing the deal. While, from what you can see, the home may fit all of your criteria, an inspection can assure you that it has no significant issues. 

Let’s learn more about what a home inspection entails and why you need one as a home buyer. 

What’s Included in a Home Inspection?

A professional home inspection will last a few hours and include a thorough examination of various parts of the exterior and interior of the home.  (more…)

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Down Payment Assistance Options

A home is a major investment that requires extensive financial planning. One aspect of the home-buying process is making a down payment. With down payment assistance programs, homebuyers don’t need to make a down payment of 20% of the home purchase price to buy a home. These assistance options can make purchasing a home financially attainable for many people in Tampa. 

If you’re a potential homebuyer in Tampa, understanding the down payment assistance options that are available to you can help you cover the cost of a new home. Read on to learn more! (more…)

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Trends in Florida Design for 2021

When it comes to Florida home design, there are many exciting trends to look out for in 2021. This year is projected to be especially good for home buyers; and if you’re considering a move to a new Tampa home, be on the lookout for these up-and-coming design trends. 

Spacious Home Offices

If we learned anything in 2020, it was the importance of a bright, organized home office. Now, in 2021, spacious home office designs are sure to take the stage. As remote work continues this year, you’ll notice an increase in dedicated office spaces in Florida homes. 


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2021 Tampa Housing Trends

Florida’s population is growing faster than any other state, even in the midst of a pandemic. What does this mean for Tampa housing prices? Now that it’s a buyer’s market and home values are rising, 2021 housing trends could get interesting. Here’s how we see things playing out.

Median sale price of Tampa homes continues to increase

In this buyer’s market, there are often multiple offers on a home, with the median price of Tampa homes continuing to climb over the last year. Florida has long had an affordable housing market, and is currently running about $50,000 lower than the rest of the country. The current median sale price is about $285,000, up just over $25,000 from 2019. The demand, however, is for the luxury properties. The wealthy continue to flock to the Tampa Bay area which offers vast options for luxury homes on and off the water. 


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Why More Northerners Moving to Florida? Here are Some Signs Tampa Might Be Right for You

There is no doubt that more northerners are moving to Florida every year, but the pandemic has certainly sped things up a bit. In the last year, Florida’s population grew by around 340,000 putting the state population over 22 million. Why the jump in Florida home sales since the pandemic?

The answer lies in the fact that many companies are moving to all employees working on a remote basis. When you can work from anywhere, you no longer have to factor in time to find a new job in a new location. It cuts down on moving costs, time, and hassle. Many people want to retire to Florida because of the warmer weather, but working remotely allows you to live wherever you please, right now.


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Growing Family? Look for These Features in Your New Home

A couple just starting out these days usually starts with an apartment. But as soon as you are expecting your first child, all of that will change. You’ll start thinking about tire swings and lazy afternoons on the lawn, and you’ll start wanting your first home.

It’s easy to think as a small family you only need a small home, but why not put down more permanent roots? Even if you decide to only stay in one place for the average 10 to 15 years, your family is going to grow and change during that time. If you find a neighborhood and home you love, it is important that the home be adaptable to your needs. 


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