Agent Spotlight: Lori Skipper

Meet Lori, who is a licensed real estate agent and a Florida attorney. A Florida native, and graduate of UF for college and Law School, she is a wife and a mom of two adorable little ones! Lori has a passion for running long distances and also helps women meet their fitness goals as a Fit4Mom fitness trainer. Lori is diligent and dedicated to helping her clients wth properties across the tri-county area. She loves helping families find homes they will cherish and investments that will help them thrive.

Last year, while Lori was pregnant with her 2nd child, she began losing her voice. By June, her right vocal cord was paralyzed. After rigorous testing, she was told in early August that they found a giant brain tumor sitting on the vocal nerve, causing the voice loss. Bravely, Lori endured a 10 hour surgery on August 26th to have as much of the brain tumor removed as possible. This month, she had surgery on her vocal cord, and if the nerve won’t come back on its own, she’ll have a permanent implant put on the vocal cord. Lori says her children are helping her to remain strong and get through this. Lori’s resilience, determination and strength are evident in her recovery. Lori’s focused on enjoying life and getting back to her normal routine. Here is her family at a wedding less than 2 weeks after her brain surgery!

Lori Family pic.JPG
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