6 Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Home

6 Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Home

By Susan Mackey


Is your home the envy of your neighborhood? Or the eyesore? We all want the grass to be greener on our side of the fence, but there’s more to landscaping than just a lush lawn. A pretty landscape helps to frame your house and all that it represents. Staying up to date with the latest trends will improve your home’s value and expand the liveable space. Whether your home is on the market or you just want to create an outdoor oasis for relaxation, consider these six landscaping trends.

Make It Fun


Backyards aren’t only for weekly mowing and the occasional cookout. You want a place you can enjoy Tampa’s sunshine. That’s why so many people here are turning their backyards into “alternascapes.” Why spend money at the golf course when you can add your own putting green? If golf isn’t your thing, how about adding lawn games such as bocce ball or cornhole. Making the backyard a place where future homeowners can let off some steam and have fun is a growing trend.

Keep It Low Maintenance

The last thing you or the next homeowner wants to deal with is the constant maintenance of excessive lawns and plants. Cut down on the number of overgrown plants in the flower beds to simplify the yard work.  Prune back shrubs and take out those that are dead or diseased. Good real estate agents and prospective buyers notice fresh mulch around flower beds that will help cut down on weeds.

Add Some Privacy


While homeowners want to spend time outdoors, they would like to do so without the prying eyes of neighbors. Create an area of the yard that is semiprivate by installing lattice or vertical gardens. Fast-growing hedges are also a good option. They add color and life to the area while blocking views. Even a small railing or boxwood border help create a sense of privacy.

Make the Lawn Count

In the same way that homeowners want their flower beds to be low maintenance, the lawn should also be easy to care for. Make every inch of the lawn count by adding a quick release fertilizer to liven things up. Large, expansive lawns with diseased spots and bare patches only add to the list of what the new homeowner will need to do (and want a discount for). Present a beautiful lawn by cutting the grass frequently and properly or by hiring a local Tampa lawn care professional.

Plant Natives


One of the best ways to make the yard even more low maintenance is to use native plants that won’t need much water or attention. Choosing blooms that you would naturally find in Tampa, like purple coneflower or powderpuff, adds color to the garden as well. These native flowers also support the environment by being a food source for butterflies, honey bees, and butterflies.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are trending right now, especially among homeowners who want to avoid heating up the house by using the oven or stove inside. You can go as elaborate or as simple as you like. A portable grill with a small fridge would save you the trouble of having to run inside every time you need something. Create a sense of ambiance by setting up some outdoor furniture. Add in comfortable cushions and pillows to make the space more inviting. Include an awning or umbrella for shade during the heat of the day. Add some lights so you can enjoy the patio or deck well into the evening.

Staying current with the landscaping trends is an excellent way to show your home is modern and move-in ready. By spending a little now, you’re sure to get top dollar when it’s time to close.

Susan Mackey is an interior designer and home stager as well as a freelance writer who focuses on the latest home fashion trends. She loves taking older homes and turning them into the envy of the neighborhood.

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