5 design trends that turn off buyers

5 design trends that turn off buyers

Selling a home can be quite an overwhelming process considering the amount of details and contingencies that go into doing so. When prospective buyers first view and locate a potential home, the first thing they take notice of is it’s appearance.

Here are 5 design trends that turn-off buyers and that therefore every seller should avoid.

1. Bold and dark colors
Flashy, bold and outdated colors will easily be a turnoff to buyers. When painting your home, avoid multiple colors, dated colors and metallics. Instead, stick to hues of beige, grays, whites and tans. Subtle colors are more welcoming and will make the buyers feel more at ease. The best thing about this tip is that it’s an easy fix and you can do it yourself at a very low cost.

2. Added Roomshotel-601327_1280

Many people often make the mistake of adding additional rooms to their home. Not only is this expensive, but it is also a major turn-off. Proportions are critical when it comes to converting spare rooms. Placing a treadmill and elliptical in a space the size of a bedroom closet and calling it a gym, is not appealing. Always be careful about how you present spare rooms to your prospective buyers.

3. Wall to wall carpeting family-room-670270_1280Some experts would argue that high quality carpeting will never go out of style. Unfortunately, many buyers still see this is a downfall and not an investment. The best thing to do when changing your flooring is to consider hardwood options. Hardwood is more versatile, easier to clean and is always in style. It also tends to pair more effectively with almost any decor scheme that the buyer may have in mind.

4. Too many flashy accessories photos-889168_1280Don’t over do it with excessive accessories or what many people refer to as “home jewelry.”  Less is always more! Having too many hanging photos, mirrors and decorations can really turn a buyer off. When buyers walk into a home, they are ultimately trying to picture and imagine themselves living in it. This can be difficult to do if they feel as if the home is too flashy and cluttered.

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