Planning Your Outdoor Space

Fall is here and for Floridians, that means it’s time to head outside! Creating a fabulous outdoor space can be a big project or a small one – it’s really up to you. A couple comfy outdoor chairs, a shady umbrella, and a small table might be all you need. Or, you might be considering a fire pit, back patio, and outdoor kitchen. Whichever way you go, beautiful outdoor space is a welcome addition and can help boost your home value and appeal when selling.  Read On for tips on how to spruce up your space!

  1. Use light sources to create the mood – Whether you use lanterns, candles, or outdoor lighting in trees and bushes, light sources can add drama and highlight key parts of your space.
  2. Bring in color with accessories – Accessories like throw pillows or plant containers can bring in bright pops of color without a lot of costs.
  3. Have ample seating – If you want to open up your outdoor space to friends, then make sure you have enough seating for a group. Loveseats and benches can add seating without taking up too much space.
  4. Decorate with potted plants – Not only can the containers add color, but so can the varieties of leaves and blooms. It’s also an affordable way to update the space, especially as the seasons change.

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